IT Support at FrisTech IT Solutions?

IT Support company or "Tech Support" is when a specialist is needed, to assist you or your business with any IT Related issues. We are here to fix immediate IT problems, like computer networks, provide support and implement preventative measures to fight future IT Problems to ensure your company runs smoothly. FrisTech implements maintenance procedures on all computer systems, install and configure hardware and software and resolve technical issues.


What to consider when choosing FrisTech?

Why Fristech

FrisTech IT Service level Agreement (FITSLA)

With this agreement Fristech offers unlimited hours of support at a fixed monthly fee. Please see our FITSLA IT Service contract for more details. This contract is more cost effective and provides proactive maintenance and support. The FITSLA is for businesses that requires ongoing support that can not afford downtime due to IT related issues.

No need to employ an IT technician since the FITSLA costs a fraction of an inhouse specialist.

FrisTech also offers ad-hoc service!

Fristech also offers IT Support at a reactive basis charged for a call out and per hour. This option can be used if you have a small company that rarely have computer related issues. Doesnt matter the size of the company, it wont hurt having a system in place to avoid costly repairs and callouts.

Advantages of having FITSLA:

FrisTech provides a complete IT Solution